Our staff

David Nehring
Clinical Director

‚ÄčDegree: Ph.D.

Certification: Licensed Psychologist

Areas of Specialization:Reconciliation, forgiveness and repentance. Psychological integrity and wholeness and its relationship to moral and ethical integrity; Personal integrity; Family and community relationships; Marriage and Family counseling; Counseling with men; Cross-cultural development psychology; Identity and meaning; Masculine psychology, psychology of paternity; Extended family systems; Church functioning and family dynamics, cultural and religious identification.

My view of therapy: My approach is to get to know the client and how she or he understands their struggle, understands him or herself, and how they understand relationships with others. I listen not just to what they say, however, but watch what they do, trying to meet them where they are at. This is especially the case in marriages and families where, despite their love for each other, loved ones deeply misunderstanding one another. I try to help them understand each other better and how to love one another more effectively. Change occurs as clients come to a new understanding of who they are and how their relationships happen.

For clients who are Christian there is an added dimension. For them we explore together what the Word teaches about God, helping them understand how trusting the Lord defines and transforms all relationships. With these clients, it's not just about how they understand themselves, the world, and relationships, but also how they understand the Word, who they are in light of the Word, and, most importantly, Who God Is, really, practically, in life. For the Christian client their relationship with God and how it changes life becomes central to how they understand their problem. Change happens as the client re-experiences and comes to a new understanding of how God shows himself in relationships, in reality, and in life.

Location Served: Mitchell, SD; Sioux Falls, SD