Our staff

Dale Ellens
Church Relations Coordinator

‚ÄčDegrees: M. Div., M.S.

Certification: Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Qualified Mental Health Professional

Purpose:  At Bethesda Christian Counselling, we have always sought to come along side pastors and churches to provide an adjunct healing ministry that aids in the further enhancement of grace-based marriages, families, congregations and lives as we, together, advance the Kingdom of God.  In keeping with this purpose my work involves regular visits to pastors and church leaders.  Bethesda seeks to remain relevant to the needs of pastors and churches as we provide services related to mental health counselling, marriage and family counselling, pastoral education and church health ministries.  My role is to listen to what pastors and church leaders are saying concerning their most significant challenges.  I share these themes with the staff at Bethesda so that we can always adjust and enhance our services and delivery model in a way this is most advantageous to churches.  My purpose is, also, to educate pastors and church leaders on the wide range of services offered to them by Bethesda.  As one who has, myself, served as pastor of a church, I understand and appreciate the significant demands faced by pastors, full time ministry staffs, and church leaders.  I, also, meet with deacon boards of supporting churches to educate them on the reason Bethesda seeks their annual benevolent financial support.  As an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church, I am available to Christian churches of any denomination, located within our service delivery area, to provide regular Sunday preaching and pulpit supply.