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​Anyone who knows Bethesda Christian Counseling knows that we offer counseling. But we see it as so much more than that. We are changing lives. We are offering hope where there was once despair, and turning sorrow into joy. And we are doing it all in the name and through the grace of Jesus Christ.

We need your help to fulfill our mission. We covet your prayer support, and we need your financial gifts. Our most critical financial needs are for:

It's important for you to know that 88 cents out of every dollar you donate goes directly back to providing Christian counseling services. If you have a preference on where your donation goes, please leave us a note on the website donation page or in the memo line of your check indicating which need you would like to serve through your gift. If you do not specify, we will designate your gift toward whatever our greatest need is at the time. Thank you for your generous donation!

  • Client Scholarships

    At Bethesda Christian Counseling we believe that the offering of Christian counseling must be available to everyone regardless of ability to pay. Regularly people who seek our services do not have the financial ability or private insurance assistance to pay the required fee. This requires that willing donors underwrite a portion of the costs for services by providing financial scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to those clients who are seeking Christian counseling but are not able to afford our services, or whose insurance doesn't cover the cost. A gift of $100 can purchase a one hour session for one of our clients, and a gift of $1800 can purchase 17 sessions, the average length of complete treatment. Your gift can save a marriage; it can offer hope to parents struggling in the wake of the death of their child. The gift of access to a Christian counselor in a time of need truly can change a life.

  • Church Leadership Consultation

    Bethesda offers consultation to church leaders on issues that they may not be trained to handle. We receive requests for help on issues such as conflict between church members and the pastor, church members being accused of a crime, members with addictions, etc. Pastors are also able to call to consult with a therapist over pastoral issues they are facing with congregation members. Many churches cannot afford the costs of these consultation services, so your donation will provide Bethesda with the ability to offer them at a reduced fee or no fee to churches.

  • Workshops and Seminars

    Bethesda provides educational information at churches and other organizations. Groups have requested speakers and information on topics such as "How to Build a Grace-Based Church", "Christianity and Anxiety", "Traits of Healthy Families," and "How to Divorce-proof Your Marriage". Many churches and organizations cannot afford these services, yet they have been provided at a cost to Bethesda. Your donation will help pay for a counselor to provide these educational events.

  • Marriage Enrichment Retreats

    Bethesda provides speakers for marriage enrichment retreats as churches request. Churches often cannot afford the costs associated with these services, so your donation will help cover the costs required to provide these retreats.

  • Operational Costs

    Your donation can help us with the expenses that simply help us keep our doors open: rent, therapist's salaries and accreditation, employee benefits, professional insurance, and overhead costs.