Church Health

Pastoral Support/Coaching

This service offers pastors and full time ministry staff personnel structured and consistent access to a trained coaching professional who assist the individual in selecting and pursuing a self-tailored wellness program. Their program advances professional, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. The desired outcome is increased productivity and effectiveness of the ministry staff personnel.

Conflict Mediation and Consultations

When conflict erupts in your church it does not need to end in fighting, pain and disunity. We, at Bethesda, believe that God’s redemptive power, given the proper response from his body, always results in creative growth and a greater enjoyment of the Christian life. The Church Health Professional at Bethesda can take your church through the proper steps towards conflict resolution, healing and spiritual growth. Your church can tailor make your desired intervention according to the challenges you face. Select only those aspects that bring your church to a place of greater insight and options regarding possible resolutions; or ask the Church Health Professional to walk with your church through the entire conflict resolution process to the end.

Our Church Health Professional offers churches the following selection of services when it comes to helping your church design a redemptive outcome to internal turmoil in the body.

  • Education on biblical principles regarding church conflict.
  • Defining and clarifying the issues, both obvious and hidden.
  • Training on how people can communicate about the issues in ways that can be heard and understood.
  • Mediate meetings between differing viewpoints to come to an agreed upon resolution constructively.

Ministry Team Development

The primary threat to the success and effectiveness of team ministries is the breakdown of healthy chemistry within the team.  A Church Health Professional from Bethesda can assist the church in building strong, healthy and powerful team ministries through offering the following services to the team.

  • Developing a high trust culture where all members enjoy working together for common goals.
  • Asking the important questions that need to be answered to meet the church’s goals.
  • Assisting church leaders in developing and implementing relevant programs and initiatives.
  • Delivering inspiring leadership retreats to help the church define vision, meet goals, or develop high trust environments.

Church Leadership Education and Consultation

A Church Health professional is standing by to provide your church leaders training and assistance in the following areas of interests:

  • Establish and enforce policies and procedures that lead to a Grace-based church.
  • Handling difficult situations and congregation members in a competent, grace-based, and caring manner.
  • Respond to conflict within the church in ways that lead to resolution and growth.
  • Provide consistent and grace-based church discipline for those who threaten the health of the body of Christ.